Fibrenet was a training network. We had 15 early stage researchers (ESRs) working towards their PhDs. Each ESR had her/his own research topic and research project. All 15 topics were connected, the common thread being bio-based fibres. Fibrenet project represented an umberella project that:

  • combined all the 15 subprojects under one project organization and
  • maximized synergy gain for the participating research projects

The topics for the 15 subprojects:

IRP  Topic
1 Microrobotic characterization of fibres and fibre-matrix interfaces
2 Automated microrobotic characterization of fibre and fibre bond strengths
3 Finite element modelling of a microrobotic test and simulation of the fibre-droplet behavior
4 Development of a novel multi-functional wound dressing
5 Life cycle assessment of bio-based fibre products
6 New strength chemicals for paper and board
7 The role of the fibre joint region on the mechanical properties of fibre networks
8 Strength scaling in fibre networks
9 Nanoscale modelling of natural fibers
10 Improvement of the durability of bio-composites
11 Surface modified cellulose textiles absorbing electromagnetic infrared radiation
12 Viscoelastic mechanics of pulp fibers
13 Fiber adhesion using FRET microscopy
14 Nano fibrous materials for advanced biomedical applications—wound healing
15 Functional 3D printed polymer scaffolds for regenerative medicine