ESR14 - Nano fibrous systems morphology study for advanced biomedical applications—wound healing

Name: Lucija Jurko

ESR no.: 14

Description of the IRP:

The objectives of this individual research project are to prepare nano- and micro-fibrous systems with specific functionalities to be used as advanced wound healing materials. Electro- and wet spinning processes will be developed and utilized to obtain 3D bio fibrous structures with incorporated or surface bound bio-active ingredients (natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and pain relief drugs, anti-microbial agents, bioactive peptides, proteins/enzymes). Different polysaccharides (hyaluronic acid, sulphated polysaccharides, dextrans, alginates) and their derivatives will be used that contain covalently bound peptides mimicking the extracellular matrix proteoglycans of vertebrates and influencing in that way the migration of cells and the healing of chronic wounds.

The polysaccharide based fibrous systems will be designed to ensure biocompatibility, controlled release of active substances, defined swelling and moisture control, bio-degradation and mechanical properties.

The project will include detailed morphological, physicochemical and mechanical characterization of the developed materials with a strong input from all consortium partners. Primary aim is a good understanding of structure vs. release and biological efficacy relation of the produced materials and a control of the production parameters leading to these advanced properties.


  • Electrospinning, polysaccharides, wound healing

About the ESR:

I’m coming from Split, Croatia. Regarding my educational background, I finished both undergraduate and graduate study of chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology in Split.  Most of my previous study was focused on physical chemistry, on surfactant free microemulsions and their application.

The best thing to relax for me is to read a good book and enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun. 


Contact information:

  • Lucija Jurko
  • Laboratory for characterization and processing of polymers, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, University of Maribor
  • Smetanova 17, 2000 Maribor
  • E-mail: