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Sustainable forestry – the Nordic countries’ model

Published 4.1.2019

Season's greetings

Published 21.12.2018

Life Cycle Assessment: Benefits and limitations

Published 14.12.2018

Start as an ESR in Kemira & Secondment to KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Published 19.11.2018

Is hardwood harder than the softwood?

Published 31.10.2018

Live in the moment – but remember to think ahead!

Published 29.10.2018

First Network-wide Training Event: Feedback Collected

Published 15.10.2018

Thoughts from the 1st FibreNet training event

Published 4.10.2018

Surprising easiness resulting from a common goal

Published 10.9.2018

Working together with Mondi

Published 15.6.2018

Bio-based fibres for human damaged part replacements and active wound healing

Published on 4.6.2018

Enthusiasm, expertise and energy!

Published on 16.5.2018

Tired but satisfied!

Published on 19.1.2018