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Latest Articles FibreNet Blog

Our PhD students, project managers and partner organizations publish articles from time to time. We have divided these texts to Scientific writings and to Fibrenet experiences. Here you are:


Scientific writings:

Sustainability matters!

Alexandros Prapavesis, KU Leuven, published 3.2.2020

Molecular dynamics, Molecular dynamics! wherefore art thou Molecular Dynamics?

Ali Khodayari, KU Leuven, published 2.1.2020

Modeler’s Perspective to FibreNet

Mikko Kanerva, Tampere University, published 16.12.2019

Enabling bio-composite in everyday life

Published 4.9.2019

Tissue Engineering

Published 20.8.2019

Drug Releasing Medical Textiles

Published 6.8.2019

Lightweighting of paper board – adding sustainability to food packaging

Published 28.6.2019

Microrobotics and how to use it in fibre studies

Published 3.6.2019

What are the main challenges limiting the use of natural fibres in composite industry?

Published 26.4.2019

Are there any alternatives to avoid microplastic pollution in my daily life?

Published 4.4.2019

Sustainable forestry – the Nordic countries’ model

Published 4.1.2019

Life Cycle Assessment: Benefits and limitations

Published 14.12.2018

Is hardwood harder than the softwood?

Published 31.10.2018

Bio-based fibres for human damaged part replacements and active wound healing

Published on 4.6.2018


Fibrenet experiences:

My FibreNet experience in a nutshell – Science and Friends

Carlos Andrés García-Velásquez, Maastricht University, published 5.12.2019

A summary of the 3rd network wide training event of FibreNet in Slovenia

Rupert Kargl, University of Maribor, published 31.10.2019

Minimize your to-do list

Mossab Alzweighi, KTH, published 10.10.2019

1st year experiences in PhD and Maribor

Published 2.9.2019

If you want to go far, go together

Published 28.3.2019

What are good training events made of?

Published 21.3.2019

Industrial and basic research: Different, but overlapping worlds

Published 4.3.2019

Experiences during winter school in Graz

Published 25.2.2019

As the journey to PhD begins………

Published 30.1.2019

Season's greetings

Published 21.12.2018

Start as an ESR in Kemira & Secondment to KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Published 19.11.2018

Live in the moment – but remember to think ahead!

Published 29.10.2018

First Network-wide Training Event: Feedback Collected

Published 15.10.2018

Thoughts from the 1st FibreNet training event

Published 4.10.2018

Surprising easiness resulting from a common goal

Published 10.9.2018

Working together with Mondi

Published 15.6.2018

Enthusiasm, expertise and energy!

Published on 16.5.2018

Tired but satisfied!

Published on 19.1.2018