ESR7 - Influence of fibre and fibre-fibre bond properties on the micromechanics of natural fibre-based composites

Name:Vedad Tojaga

ESR no.: 7

Description of the IRP:

The micromechanics of natural fibre-based composites is studied using novel micro robotics test equipment and various multi-scale modelling approaches.

More specifically, the compressive and bending behavior of bio-composites containing different degrees of fibre-matrix interface damage, holes and cracks is studied using a two-scale modelling approach, followed by an experimental verification. The aim is to establish a connection between the microstructure and the properties of bio-composites.

In addition, the effect of refining on the mechanical behavior of single wood pulp fibres and fibre-fibre bonds is studied using various micromechanical modelling approaches and novel fibre-level experimental tools. The aim is to establish a connection between the mechanical properties of individual fibres, fibre-fibre bonds and the properties of the entire fibre network for fibres subjected to different types of refining. The project contributes to the FibreNet objectives by increased knowledge on the contribution of geometrical and material properties of individual fibre bonds on the overall mechanical response of the fibre network.


  • Micro-mechanics, Bio-composites, Fibre networks, Wood pulp fibres and fibre-fibre bonds, Paper and packaging industry, Automotive industry

About the ESR:

My name is Vedad Tojaga and I come from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, I was raised in Denmark, where I later pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.) at Aarhus University specializing in compressive failure of fibre-reinforced composites. There I discovered my passion to work within academia, and being an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in the FibreNet network is a stepping-stone towards achieving my goal of becoming an academic; through which I seek to gain comprehensive knowledge to develop models that can describe the behaviour of materials with complex microstructures.


Contact information:

  • Vedad Tojaga
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Solid Mechanics
  • Teknikringen 8D
  • +45 21577508