ESR13 - The role of contact mechanics and interdiffusion on the adhesion between cellulosic fibers.

Name: Mónica Patrícia Gaspar Simões

ESR no.: 13

Description of the IRP:

My project contributes to FiberNet's goals regarding the  mechanisms responsible for the bonding of pulp fibers.

Since interaction molecular forces like van der Waals forces or hydrogen bonding only develop for distances smaller than 10 Angstrom, the contact area at molecular scale is a key factor for adhesion and cohesion between cellulosic fibers.

To measure and understand the role of the area of molecular contact between cellulosic surfaces, cellulose thin films will be used as model systems for fibre-fibre bonding. This model system can be modified in several ways and the adhesion among the cellulosic surfaces properly evaluated, in order to fully comprehend its real implications in the area of molecular contact. For the measurements, FRET (Förster resonance energy transfer) microscopy method will be develop, seeking validation and application of FRET for area in molecular contact.


  • Fibre-fibre bonding; Area of molecular contact; FRET microscopy; Adhesion; Cellulosic surfaces.

About the ESR:

I’m a Portuguese Chemical Engineer. My master’s degree was attributed by the University of Coimbra, located in Portugal, there I stayed working for 3 years as a researcher, after finishing my studies. During those years I worked in collaboration with the Universities of Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), the University of La Plata, in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Devan Chemicals (Belgium), a company that is dedicated to the development and production of functional textiles.

My research allow me to deepen my knowledge in the synthesis, characterization and modification of stimuli-responsive polymers, formulation and characterization of nanostructures as polymer-liposome complexes, formulation and characterization of microstructures, microencapsulation of active compounds for textile incorporation (emulsion, double emulsion, interfacial polymerization) and the microencapsulation of bacteria for clinic safe control release (Layer-by-Layer technique).

In my free time, above all things, I like to read, any book that is good regardless of its type and travel. Besides that, I like to walk, ride my bike and be with my family.

Mónica's introductory video of her research:


Contact information:

  • Mónica Patrícia Gaspar Simões
  • TU Graz, Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fibre Technology
  • Inffeldgasse 23, A-8010, Graz, Austria
  • Phone: +351 917 631 546
  • Email: