ESR1 - Microrobotic Characterization of Fibers and Fiber/Matrix Interfaces

Name: Farzin Javanshour

ESR no: 1






Description of the IRP:

Academic efforts and industrial developments in recent years on natural fibers with low density and high specific stiffness suggest the potential of biodegradable and cost-effective natural fiber reinforced plastics in replacing GFRP. To achieve widespread application of durable biocomposites with comparable strength to conventional GFRP, further research should be focused on the morphology and physical properties of fibers, and load transfer mechanisms through fiber/matrix interface in composites. In this doctoral study, multiscale characterization of fibers, the effect of aging and sizing on fiber/matrix adhesion will be assessed by the automated micromechanical testing approach.


  • Biocomposites, micromechanical test, interphase, aging

About the ESR:

I was born in 1989 Tabriz, Iran. Upon successful completion of B.Sc. in mechanical design (2007-2011) from my hometown university, I pursued M.Sc. in materials science at the Sabancı University (2015-2017). I was honored by dean’s full scholarship and TUBITAK funding for industrial research.

The major theme of my master studies was interlaminar toughening of thermoset composites with thermoplastic nanofiber mats. In-situ nanofiber/epoxy nanocomposite layers form during cure and consolidation of composites. A step-wise scheme for characterization and back-calculating mechanical properties of nanofiber/epoxy layers was developed in my master thesis “Nanofibrous and Laminated Nanocomposites: Manufacturing and Characterization” supervised by Prof. Melih Papila.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in the materials science department at the Tampere University. This doctoral study is funded under FibreNet-MSCA-ITN project supervised by Assist. Prof. Essi Sarlin (TAU), Prof. Aart W. Van Vuure (KU Leuven), Dr. Julien Rion (Bcomp), and Prof. Pasi Kallio (TAU).


Farzin's introductory video of his project:


Contact information:

  • Farzin Javanshour
  • Materials science department, Tampere University (Hervanta campus)
  • Korkeakoulunkatu 10, 33720 Tampere, Finland
  • Phone: +358504478461
  • Email: