Here we offer glimpses of the training in Fibrenet. The courses and events presented are part of the common PhD training, that is available to all our PhD students. Each PhD fellow also has her/his own study plan. Some of the courses, as well as some of our events, are also open to externals. If you find something interesting, please contact us at


Network-wide training events

We will offer training in 6 network-wide training events. In these events, we will be offering training both on topics directly related to bio-based fibre research and on transferable skills topics. All except for the first event will be at least partly open to participants outside our consortium.




Time and place
1 Fibrenet kick-off meeting Tampere (Finland) 18.-21.9.2018
2 Multi-scale characterization of bio-based fibre products Graz (Austria) 11.-15.2.2019
3 Surface functionalization of bio-based fibre products Maribor (Slovenia), 2.-6.9.2019
4 Multi-physics modelling of bio-based fibre products Stockholm, Sweden, 3/2020
5 Applications and manufacturing processes of bio-based fibre products Helsinki, Finland, 11/2020
6 Final conference Maastricht, Netherlands, 5/2021


Online courses on bio-fibres

The following three online courses are compulsory to all our ESRs. The courses are available annually, so please discuss with your supervisor about the best time to participate. We can also offer few places for participants outside the Fibrenet consortium. If you are interested in signing up, please contact the person mentioned in the parentheses for more details.

  • Life cycle assessment (LCA), (Yvonne van der Meer, Maastricht University), next implementation starts on 14th of March 2019 (check the course-link)!
  • Business models for bioresource utilization (Ulrich Hirn, TU Graz), available first time in  2019
  • Bio‐resources and bio‐based products (Ulrich Hirn, TU Graz), available first time in 2019


Open access training material from Fibrenet


Other useful courses

These courses are not necessarily online. However, all courses mentioned here are intensive courses, which you can take during a short visit to the university in question. Most of the courses require special arrangments if attendees come outside of the university that offers the course. If you are interested in taking the course, please contact the person responsible of the course in the Fibrenet project (names mentioned in the parentheses)


Selection of interesting webinars

Below are some interesting free webinars related to the field of Fibrenet. If you have another suitable webinar in mind, give us a hint at

Webinars on transferable skills training

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