Pasi Kallio


Name, organization: Pasi Kallio, Tampere University

Current position: Professor, Vice-dean for Research

Areas of expertise: Microrobotics, microfluidics, microsensors, microfabrication, organ-on-chip systems, microscale material characterization

Roles in FibreNet: Project coordinator, Work Package Leader of WP1, Supervisor of Ali Zarei (ESR2)


Why is FibreNet an interesting project for you? Because of the people: FibreNet is a multi-faceted combination of people representing different fields of science, academic and industrial sectors, small and large companies, young talents and distinguished experts. FibreNet is, thus, a unique project bringing together a diverse group of people in different areas of bio-based fibres, making it an extremely interesting project to manage and collaborate. I think that we have the right people in this project such that with the joint supervision and co-supervision efforts of academic and industrial experts, we will able to solve challenging scientific problems and make big steps forward both in science and applications of bio-based fibres.

What do you like most in your current work? Seeing students and researchers developing to professionals and experts in their field and gaining professional maturity. Reading a well-prepared paper or thesis manuscript.

Where were you born/ where have you lived as a child? I was born in the west cost of Finland in a small historical city of Ulvila which is one of the six medieval cities (and the third oldest) of Finland

Hobbies: I play actively floorball (salibandy, innebandy, unihockey) and occasionally ice hockey and downhill skiing.

Tell something about yourself which other FibreNet people might not know yet: Mluvím česky. I have several national championships in floorball – unfortunately only in seniors.