Mondi focuses its research on sustainable products and efficient processes


Students across Europe develop holistic solutions for Mondi’s sustainable fibre packaging grades


“The development of new technologies to broaden the use of sustainable wood fibres for improved packaging materials paired with the education of young talents were the major reason why Mondi participated the FibreNet project,” said Leo Arpa, Head of Group R&D Paper at Mondi.


The students´ ambition to participate in the FibreNet project is to better understand the properties of single fibres or fractions of fibres and their interaction with thousands of other fibres in a paper network. The project´s goal is to improve paper properties and functionalities and reduce fossil-based additives with less fibres.

Alongside this research, Mondi’s partners at  Graz University of Technology developed new technologies to utilise fibres in the most meaningful way. One such technology separates fibres and uses fractions of these fibres in a highly targeted way. For example, the use of fractions with predominantly softer and more slender short fibres results in paper which is more dense and has an improved barrier to air. This understanding of single fibre properties obtained in the FibreNet project accelerates the speed to commercialise new fibre-based packaging grades. Together with a partner, Mondi has developed a technology to produce paper to control the air porosity in a very efficient way. “Stiff fibres are particularly well suited for the creation of paper bulk to improve the handiness of packaging materials. Soft fibres, on the other hand, lead to a dense fibre network. This is a crucial property for special food packaging such as paper bags for bread as it makes the bread stay fresh for a longer time”, said Johannes Leitner - Mondi’s leading Applied Science Technologist.


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