Essi Sarlin

Name, organization: Essi Sarlin, Tampere University

Current position: Assistant professor

Areas of expertise: Polymer composites, materials characterization, electron microscopy

Roles in FibreNet: Supervisor of ESR 1, Recruitment officer







Why is FibreNet an interesting project for you?

Because of knowledge and enthusiasm. The FibreNet network involves numerous experts on from different fields and eager young talents who have a common interest in natural fibres and natural fibre composites.


How did you become a researcher/scientist?

I have always wanted to understand the world around me and as a child my favorite question was WHY. Perhaps this curiousness led me to the academic career. I also enjoy the combination of application oriented work and longer perspective ambition/goals that we have in engineering.

How do you organize your time at work? Reveal some of your effective time management tricks.

I have a to-do list, which I update preferably on Friday, prioritize and select a few tasks for the next week which I want to accomplish. For these tasks I try to reserve the required time from my calendar. This helps me to progress also the “not so urgent but important things”.


My hobbies are knitting, dancing salsa and different outdoor activities. Especially I enjoy different outdoor activities in which the focus is rather on the presence instead of achieving: relaxed hiking or just walking in the woods, biking, paddling or skiing are perfect counterbalance for my job.