Two years down, one year to go


Two years down, one year to go, this is the current status of my PhD. It is exciting to think that in about one year I will become a doctor.

In these two years I moved from my birth country, with all the logistics that involves, I started to work in a new institute, I learned a new topic and successfully got my first results and publications. It has been a long way, but also a worthy one.

At the moment, every decision is extra relevant. Final plans start to turn solid and, the adrenaline goes up. Of course, due to COVID-19, this is not the greatest time in history to do your PhD. All the work is behind and my last year at TUGraz will not be that smooth as we thought. But in a certain way, all this situation helped me focus and become more efficient.

I definitely would recommend this experience to everyone, from the involved universities, supervisors and coordinators, to the meetings and workshops, all have been exceptional and useful. When I applied for this project, I could never imagine how life-changing would be for me. I can’t wait to see all its repercussions in my future career.



Mónica Gaspar Simões

ESR13 - TU Graz