1st year experiences in PhD and Maribor


Maribor is an amazing city with its peace, nature and inviting cultural texture. Its location is perfect for visiting other cities. Furthermore, nature has gifted Slovenia with many beautiful features and discovering these beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes was the most amazing part of my life here. I believe living in this city is one of the best experiences in my life.  I have never really thought that I am going to end up doing a PhD in a Marie Curie action, and it has opened a new door in my academic journey. This is an educating, enlightening and inspiring opportunity to improve myself both academically and culturally.

The multi-disciplinary environment of the university keeps me motivated, and furthermore the friendly and concerning attitude of both my colleagues and professors makes my PhD even more delightful. FibreNet provides a great collaboration network with all over Europe and let us be in contact with highly ranked laboratories to enhance our knowledge in the field. Besides, the meetings give us a chance to expand our academic network and share our experience with other PhD students.

I am looking forward to visit Tampere and have my secondment there to gain new experiences and meet new people. So far, my first year as PhD student/member of FibreNet organization was inspiring. I am happy to be a part of this team.















Fazilet Gürer

ESR 15 - Maribor University