Ariana Barlič

Name, organization: Ariana Barlič, Educell Ltd.

Current position: Head of R&D

Areas of expertise: regenerative medicine, mesenchymal stem/stromal cells, cell-based assays

Roles in FibreNet: researcher – scaffolds for regenerative medicine



"Participating in FibreNet is an opportunity to widen the scientific horizon"


Where were you born and where have you lived as a child?

I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and have been living here all my life, except during some time of university studies and as a post-doc researcher when I was living in Basque country, Spain.  


My hobbies are hiking with my saluki and yoga.

Tell something about yourself, which other FibreNet people might not know yet:

I have a teenage daughter, half Slovene/half Spanish.

How did you become a researcher?

Since I was a little girl I liked nature, animals, plants, and wanted to know how life is organized, how everything works.

What do you like most in your current work?

I like making applicative research to be able to help patients.

What has been the biggest change in your working life, and how did you adapt to it?

The biggest change was when I completely changed the subject of my research – from molecular interactions among proteins and lipid membranes to cell therapy, stem cells... Adaptation was slow, however, one can always find interesting problems to solve and interaction of cells with their environment is one of them for sure.

What has been the hardest decision you have made during the last years?

I really don’t decision has been too hard.

How do you organize your time at work, reveal some of your effective time management tricks.

Sometimes it is really difficult; priorities have to be established and the rest when it is possible.