About FibreNet

FibreNet was an innovative EU-funded H2020-MSCA-ITN project that trained PhDs in the field of bio-based fibres.

The core of Fibrenet was a coalition of 7 European universities and 8 industrial organizations operating in the field of fibres. Our common goal was finding comprehensive solutions to improve and tailor the properties of fibre products - to enable new environmentally friendly products and products with totally new functionalities. We concentrated on bio-based fibres, either natural or man-made in origin. We sought solutions that suited for different application areas and to guarantee the suitability, we brought together experts from three growing sectors of bio-based industry: biocomposites, paper&packaging materials and medical textiles.

FibreNet was funded by H2020-MSCA-ITN. It was an umbrella project for 15 individual research projects in the field of fibres. The goals of the umbrella project were:

  • to generate common goals for the multidisciplinary fibre-research within the consortium—and to oversee the attainment of the goals,
  • to structure doctoral training in bio-based fibres and to offer scientific and transferable skills training,
  • to build a strong and active network of fibre-professionals from different application areas,
  • to share the expertise and know-how across different disciplines, and
  • to promote the exploitation of the results generated in FibreNet.

The common thread in all our research and educational efforts was sustainability.