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About FibreNet

FibreNet was an innovative EU-funded H2020-MSCA-ITN project that trained PhDs in the field of bio-based fibres.

FibreNet­­­ was a consortium of 15 European academic and industrial organizations. Together we strove to bridge the knowledge-gap between the properties of fibres and fibre-based products in order to enable product tailoring, products with new functionalities and brand-new fibre products.

Traditional bio-fibre based industry is undergoing an intensive transformation phase. This is due to overcapacity, push towards bio-based economy, and changes in the end users and their needs. Thus, there is an increasing need for totally new environmentally friendly products and for products with new functionalities. This transformation requires very specific research and professionals with new types of skill sets and competences. The education and research in FibreNet specifically addressed this combined challenge to both understanding deeply the materials and the broad field of applications, thus contributing to creating a new set of professionals capable to meet the challenges of the industrial change and of sustainable development.

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