Our Mission


We want to give fibres the credit they deserve.

Fibres—their functionalization, fibre-fibre bonds and the interaction of fibres with other components of the fibre-products—have central role in forming the characteristics of the end-products. Thus, our mission is to emphasize fibres in the product design and manufacturing and, for this purpose, to develop a common methodological toolbox that can be applied to different fields of fibre-based industry. We believe that progress requires both raising excellence in research and structuring doctoral training.

We also want to encourage a mindset towards sustainability as a natural part of the product development process and life cycle. Therefore, we include life cycle assessment as an integral part of all our research and educational activities.

In a nutshell, we aim at:

  • increased competitiveness of the European bio-based industry,
  • training versatile and competitive fibre-professionals for the European job markets through coherent, carefully planned and executed PhD studies and by helping to build strong professional networks,
  • sustainable development.